Yachting or Luxury Boating whatever you may call it, is a Leisure Loved the World-over!

At Delhi Venue, we are sure to make your wildest dreams come true. We provide end to end solutions which addresses every aspect related to the Yacht charter.

Explore and Experience, the ultimate Yachting Luxury!!!

Take your family or friends on a sunrise or sunset cruise... just drop anchor on high seas & befriend the Dolphins! Seal an important Business Deal over cool silent Sips on the sea!

Train your kids to the Hook-line Rod and then lend your wife a hand to cook the sea-fresh catch... Enjoy thrilling Dives, have a sunbath on the deck or treat your eyes to a favorite movie in a cosycabin.

Celebrate a Birthday of your loved ones or a Wedding anniversary. Make every occasion memorable to everyone!

If you have nothing to do... just watch the vast and expansive sea changing its mood... sometimes Calm and suddenly Choppy!

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